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6 “Me” Things I Learned As An Active Person On Vacation

Sometimes you just have to slow the $#%& down.

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Here’s what I discovered during my vacation at Terranea Resort:


I definitely don’t get enough sleep in my crazy-busy life. Juggling work, exercise, family and friends, there’s little time for just me, and I generally don’t get enough rest. While on vacation, I turned off my cell phone—as in completely off—for the night, closed the blackout curtains and allowed myself to wake up when I needed to. To my surprise, I woke up refreshed and ready for the day. It had been weeks, even months, since I felt like that—and I got a solid seven and a half hours of sleep.

Inner Artist

Paint and wine parties have been popular for a few years, but I’ve never gone to an event. Secretly I’ve been intimidated because I am a terrible painter. But one of the activities that Terranea set up for me was an oceanfront painting experience. To my surprise, it was actually relaxing. (You can be the judge of how well my masterpiece turned out.) Staring at the crystal blue skies, shades of blue and seaside cliffs made for an afternoon of tranquility and creativity.

Endless Time To Explore

I never allow myself to just walk and get lost. Zigzagging my way through neighborhoods, industrial sites and private beaches, my mind was blank. Not a worry in the world. It allowed me to shut off my inner thoughts (Did I reply to the email this morning?) and just breathe. I also got a small history lesson from the historical lighthouse site just a mile or two up the road from the resort.

I’m Okay With New Challenges

Because sometimes the same workout routine gets old, you might as well switch it up—after all, it’s okay, you’re on vacay!

Nature’s Gym allowed me to get outside and take advantage of the scenic views. We started with a trail run along the Pacific Ocean, stopped at a bench for step-ups, continued on with walking lunges, broke a sweat on stair intervals, and then made our way to a private cove for a beach circuit—and managed to make a furry friend. Working out became fun and re-energized my fitness creativity.

Did I forget the sunrise spin class? As a runner, I want to go somewhere on my feet. So the thought of hopping on a stationary bike seemed daunting. However, with the stunning views, the dread or concern of staying put was squashed. I was able to take myself to a new workout level and push myself like I haven’t been able to do in months.

My Love For Food

Food is good, especially for very active folks. It’s not how much you eat but what you eat that matters. At Terranea, the chef truly has a passion for food, which shines through the artistic plates served with mouthwatering dishes. Terranea’s chefs taught me the importance of sustainability, organic, farming and the art of homemade. Terranea prides itself with their own garden, honey-making bees and homemade sea salt. Each step to making their homemade produce, honey and sea salt has a purpose and is done with such clarity. After learning the process and seeing it first hand, I have a newfound appreciation for farm-to-table. I didn’t even think twice when indulging in the homemade bread, cheese, honey and sea salt appetizer.

Wellness And Goals

Who has time to sit and relax? If you do, I’m envious. It’s one thing I discovered I need in my life in order to be balanced and create a healthier me. Meeting with Terranea’s Spa Director, Sharon Holz, and Courtney Hermann Satow, Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach, at Terranea, I learned that it’s okay to indulge on me.

Sitting down with Courtney taught me how to reevaluate my goals. We broke goals into categories (my personal action plan): food, exercise and self-care. In each category, I broke down my goal with a time frame and mapped out a plan on how to get there. We discussed food and wine temptations and how to make healthier choices.

“Live by the 80/20 rule each week. Eighty percent of the time you keep to your healthy habits. Twenty percent is your indulgences. So if you have that extra glass of wine or few bites of chocolate, then that’s your 20 percent for the week,” Courtney suggests.

I learned it’s okay to indulge in pizza, chocolate or wine, but just 20 percent of the time. Courtney also suggested to put down the fork after every bite. “So many people take a bite of their food and before they’re even done chewing, they have the fork with another bite ready to eat. Slow down!”

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