Finding Your Power with Alison Desir

Finishing her first marathon in 2012 wasn’t just a physical accomplishment for mental health counselor Alison Desir; the process also helped her manage symptoms of depression and anxiety. “It truly helped me see the world with a new perspective,” Desir, 34, says. “For the first time in a long time I felt valuable and realized […]

How This One Tool Helped Alexi Pappas Prep for a Huge PR

When it comes to nutrition, Alexi Pappas has never lived by the rule “If the fire is hot enough, anything will burn.” Instead, she’s always charted her own course towards a balanced, variety-rich diet. Despite at times being surrounded by athletes cutting dangerous amounts of weight in attempts to improve performance, Pappas—who competed for Greece in […]

Meal Prep Madness: 16 Tips to Make Meal Prepping Easier

It’s a trend for a reason—and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Meal prepping saves time and money, and makes it way easier to stick to a consistent, healthy eating routine. But if the thought of massive meal prepping makes you feel overwhelmed, breathe easy: We’ve compiled 16 tips (plus some bonus tips!) that […]

Improve Your Weekly Meal Prep With These Delicious Homemade Sauces

“Homemade sauces are important for female runners because they’re made with healthy fats for hormone balance and spices or fresh herbs for fighting inflammation,” says Elyse Kopecky, best-selling co-author of Run Fast. Eat Slow. and the new Run Fast. Eat Slow. A Runner’s Meal Planner. “Weeknight dinners are as simple as tossing rice into my […]

4 Recipes for Instantly Better Oatmeal

For many runners, oatmeal is a go-to way to kick off the day. But if your morning bowl of oats is usually topped with a handful of berries or a few almonds, it can get, well, boring—fast. Stop selling this nutritious whole-grain short. Wake up your taste buds with these four delicious remixes. Two steps […]

3 Factors That Will Make (or Break) Your Diet Goals

According to Pamela Nisevich, RD, LSSD, and author of Sweat. Eat. Repeat: The 90-Day Playbook to Change Your Food Habits, Improve Your Energy, and Reach Your Goals, a successful diet is about way more than what you put on your plate.

5 Goal-Setting Tips That Will Transcend the New Year

There’s something about a change in the calendar that seems to inspire (or pressure) many of us into making grand, life-altering goals. But is the uptick from 2019 to 2020 really enough motivation to achieve a healthy, happy lifestyle?  According to Dr. Bettina Höchli, senior researcher of consumer behavior at the University of Bern in […]