There’s No Hill Tatyana McFadden Can’t Climb

Inside Tatyana McFadden’s incredible and indomitable rise—plus, the racer’s secret to powering through any challenge she faces.


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What Experienced Runners Wish They Knew When They Started

If you’re new to trail running, getting started can feel overwhelming: There’s tons of trail-specific gear, a whole new set of rules to learn, new techniques to keep in mind. But more than anything, it’s important that you’re enjoying yourself when you hit the dirt. We spoke to eight of the top trail runners out there to get their trail running tips and find out the lessons they learned the hard way—so you don’t have to.

Running Tips from Pro Trail Runners Neely Spence Gracey Professional runner, three-time Olympic Trials qualifier, founder and coach at Get Running

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Here’s my training update: It’s going great! And why? Because I’m having fun. It doesn’t have to be complicated. 💕 . . #thankfulthursday #trainingupdate #getrunning #runforfun #enjoythejourney #trusttheprocess #adizeroadiospro

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