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  • Want to Avoid Runner’s Gut?

    Want to Avoid Runner’s Gut?

    Sponsored Content by Tailwind Nutrition

    It goes by many names. Runner’s Gut, Gut Bombs, Gut Rot, among other lovely monikers. No matter what name you give it, though, the struggle is real. According to a 2009 study, up to 50 percent of runners have experienced the dreaded kicked-in-the-stomach feeling that accompanies a long or high-intensity run. Not only that, GI […]

  • Nick Youngquest: Finding a New Motivation Following Retirement

    Nick Youngquest: Finding a New Motivation Following Retirement

    Sponsored Content by New York Road Runners

    Nick Youngquest, a former professional rugby player, is running the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon in support of Team For Kids. Hear more of what’s motivated Youngquest in this video, and watch him race the TCS New York City Marathon on November 4 at 9 a.m. EST. It will be broadcasted on ABC 7 […]

  • The Unstoppable Lyn Licciardello

    The Unstoppable Lyn Licciardello

    Sponsored Content by Susan Lacke

    It was 1977, and Lyn Licciardello wondered why men should get to have all the fun. “My wonderful husband, Tom, had started distance running while I was pregnant with my second child,” recalls Licciardello. “He ran the Maryland Marathon in December, qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I brought our daughters, ages three and six months, […]

  • Eating Real Performance Foods

    Eating Real Performance Foods

    Sponsored Content by Jessica Cerra

    My paths into cycling, private catering, and entrepreneurship are far from typical and inseparably intertwined. Few, if any, people can say they have raced around the world as a paid athlete while concurrently managing a private catering business and an energy bar company. But striking the balance between these three facets of my life has […]