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The Fitness World Is Booming With New Trends

Here are the products Women's Running tried out at one of the biggest fitness conventions in the world.

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Since we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest products and workouts for runners, last week we went to the IDEA World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles, one of the largest fitness events in the world. It’s a massive gathering of personal trainers, group fitness instructors, club and studio owners and managers, mind-body professionals and nutrition professionals presenting ideas and methods to generate a more healthy and happy world. This fitness expo offers a unique opportunity to test, taste and try many of the newest technology, food and workouts. Here’s what made the biggest impressions on us:

Correct Toes


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This soft, rubbery separation device is ideal for anyone with overlapping toes and other foot issues. Correct Toes can be worn over toe socks as well as under socks, to help toes separate—even while running (shoes with a larger toe box, such as Altras, are recommended). This allows for better blood circulation and comfort while running, which could be a godsend depending on your particular toe and foot problems.

TriggerPoint Massage Ball

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Though it might be painful, this new semi-solid foam ball generates the feeling of being massaged by an actual therapist. It provides targeted pressure to go deep into the muscle, but it’s soft enough encourage increased pressure (remember if it hurts, you probably really need the massaging!). The stripped zone channels blood and oxygen through the tissue while massaging. The massage ball can be used all over—sit on it to get at those glutes or lie on it against your IT band or use it against a wall to release your shoulders.

Morph Collapsible Foam Roller


Here’s another massage tool making waves. The Morph foam roller has a traditional look to it, until you want to put it away. It collapses flat for easy storage and travel. This portable massager also includes a washable soft cover, so you can easily wash the sweat away after a good recovery roll.


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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

These rubber wrist weights give tone to your arms while working out, whether in the gym, in a class or running or walking. Each section contains individual metal weights that can be removed to adjust the total weight, and they come in an array of colors in larger and smaller sizes.

Flexline Dynamic Cable Training


This weight-training machine may be in your gym, and it’s worth a try. Adjustable so you can work on different body parts, the cable system has handles with plus and minus buttons to add or subtract weight as you go—even mid-exercise and goes up to 300 pounds. Depending on how many of these your gym has, you may also find classes. But watch out, if your trainer wants to control what weight you’re using, she can do it with and extra handle that’s included. The company expects to have a home version of the product by next year.

TRX Duo Trainer


TRX has a new twist on its suspension-training system that as revealed at the expo. You may find yourself twisting as you attempt a pushup with holders that aren’t connected. As trainers had their own class on how to teach others, we noted some serious shaking going on. But as with other TRX moves, there are ways that people of all different fitness levels can use the equipment.

Workouts Galore


There were different workouts happening all over this show. Whether it involved air drumming with Pound Fit or finding your balance on an unstable surface or dancing the workout away, people took to the aisles to practice different options for exercise. It made us excited for cross-training days!

Spartan Race 


In honor of its intense and rigorous obstacle races, Spartan had a challenge on site. How many times can you flip a 300-pound tire in one minute? Our intern, Victoria, maxed out around five. That’s some legit tire flipping!

Takeya ThermoFlask


This new water bottle keeps liquids either frigid for up to 24 hours and fiery hot up to 12 hours. Whether you are using it to rehydrate, keep warm or make sure you have water on-hand while traveling, this bottle is versatile and won’t get any condensation on the outside—bonus!

TENS and E-Stim Machines


Though the expo included many new products and innovations in the health and fitness department, the most surprising was the abundance in TENS and electronic-stimulation machines. These self-use muscle stimulators are designed for at-home use and can be used from your shoulders to your feet. Similar to a treatment in physical therapy, it might help to have some professional experience to know how to use it, but depending on the model, they can be very user-friendly.

Safe Catch Tuna


This tuna contains the lowest amounts of mercury compared to any other brand, making it safer for children and pregnant women. Safe Catch ensures 100 percent natural nutrients and 35 grams of protein per can. With this tuna being non-GMO, gluten-free and containing more omega-3s, what more could you ask for from a fish? Especially with it’s delectable taste.

Real Good Pizza


The Real Good Foods Company makes pizza high in protein and low in carbs by replacing regular bread crust with chicken. You read that correctly! For all the gluten-free eaters out there, say goodbye to parties without pizza and hello to parties full of protein, pizza and pizzaz.

Banza Pasta


Instead of wheat, this pasta is made from chickpeas and tastes amazingly similar to regular pasta. Chickpeas are naturally gluten-free and low on the glycemic index, and Banza’s ingredients are certified non-GMO. A pasta of chickpeas is a pasta of “yes, please!”

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