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Embarrassing Runner Scenarios We All Know

Whoops—our bad.

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Courtesy of Daughter of a Runner

As runners we go through our fair share of embarrassing moments. Consider race-day photos—my theory is that you’ll find one good race photo per every 100 taken. The majority of race photos seem to feature a facial expression that depicts your desperation to reach the finish line under your sweaty hair. You also realize your running technique is not quite as stellar as you envisioned. (Is my stride really that short? Why am I flinging my arms like that?) And of course, they’re always taken from your most unflattering angle.

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If that’s not enough, here are a few more embarrassing scenarios that we all know too well: 

When it rains… and you didn’t realize that your gear is see through. Whoops! Your saving grace may be that you have a cute colored sports bra on underneath. Nonetheless, I guess you won’t be wearing that white shirt anymore… 

Dogs that attack you when you’re running. Especially if you primarily train in parks and neighborhoods, you’re sure to have experienced dogs chasing, jumping and barking at you. 

Running slow in front of that good-looking runner you want to impress.

Failed snot rockets…all over your face. There’s a reason we’re runners and not basketball players—sometimes our aim is just not adequate. We’ve all had those moments when our snot rockets ended up all over us or our clothes, not on the ground. 

Race day. Runner’s trots. Port-a-potties. No TP. Ahh! Whether you decide to try hold it or inevitably need to go, talk about uncomfortable. 

When your shorts are too short or too loose and everyone sees what’s underneath. Good thing we’re runners, or what’s underneath could have been a lot uglier…

Tripping in front of others. Usually over your own feet or a crack in the sidewalk. Somehow we’re always able to clear encroaching roots and large, slippery rocks. 

Forgetting you have earbuds in and singing out loud. Classic. 

Whipping off your sweatpants and realizing you don’t have shorts on underneath…until it’s too late.

Falling off the treadmill. Tripping over shoelaces, having the speed set faster than you can manage or pulling the safety cord by accident—no matter the reason behind your fall, it’s embarrassing. (See T-Swift’s full biff here.)

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