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Blogger On The Run: MsFit Runner

This week's Blogger On The Run is a busy mom working towards her goal of qualifying for the Olympic Trials Marathon race!

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This week’s Women’s Running magazine Blogger On The Run is a busy mom working towards her goal of qualifying for the Olympic Trials Marathon race! Meet Katie from MsFit Runner – she’s a speedy chic who learned the importance of advocating for her health after a brush with melanoma while pregnant with her second child. Read Katie’s story to find out why she’s dreaming big and shooting for the stars!

Women’s Running: How would you describe yourself? 

Katie: First and foremost, I am a family girl and a homebody at heart. My husband and my children are my world. I am a mother, runner, dreamer, believer in all things possible and impossible. I like to think the sky is the limit. Running is a {newer} passion of mine, it keeps me sane and balanced. It keeps me challenged and happy. I would be lost without my faith. I am passionate about health and “clean eating” and want to create the best life that I can for myself and my family. I try to embrace the positive with the negatives of life, and practice grace.

WR: How did you begin running?

K: I started running shortly after my middle child was born, when I signed up for a marathon on a whim, in 2008. This was my first race, ever. After that, I took a break for a couple years, had another baby and then thought the ultras would be fun. My husband runs ultra marathons. Long story short, my ultra didn’t pan out and I reluctantly signed up for another marathon, in 2011. I was hooked after that. It took hold of me and hasn’t let go. High’s and lows ensued and I have found a love for running and a balance with it in my life that makes me tick.

WR: What keeps you running and training?

K: My goals keep me going. I set a big goal of training to run a qualifying marathon for the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon. My passion for the sport keeps me running. My family, my children and my need to be challenged keeps me going. The more I run and the more I work, the more I succeed. The more I succeed, the bigger I dream. It’s important to me to teach my kids that they can dream big, they can work hard and reach their goals, no matter how hard or impossible they seem. I want them to see the possible in the impossible, even if it’s just a glimmer.  Sometimes a little glimmer is all it takes to get going and gain momentum. So that’s why I keep running and training.

WR: What type of run is your favorite?

K: This is a tough one. I look at my training plan and get excited for every workout. I love the long run, but I really love a good tempo. As a marathoner at heart, the tempo gives such a reward at the end, a big sense of accomplishment. The tempo is not easy and you work for it. You can also manipulate it in so many ways to get a little variety with it. The tempo run gives such great gains in fitness.

WR: What’s your favorite race memory?

K: It would probably be running the ING Hartford Half marathon this past fall. It was a tune up race for my marathon, and I went into it with no expectations, which is sometimes a good thing. I went into it wanting to feel strong, capable and in control. That’s it. Sometimes I run best like this. Without pressure and without pace or big time goals. The moment when I came upon a group of runners that said, “Stick with us and this pace puts you on track for a 1:22 finish”. My jaw dropped. I did not even know if 1:25 was possible at that point.  I finished strong, capable and in control with a 1:22:28. Amazing. Anything is possible.

WR: What do you hope your readers will get from reading your blog?

K: I truly hope that they will gain a belief in themselves that anything is possible. That being a mom is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs. It’s important, in motherhood and all that goes with it, to maintain some piece of themselves and some part of life that challenges them and makes them happy, outside of children and responsibilities. I want my readers to set big goals and know that hard work pays off. In regards to running, I want them to know that sometimes there may be more bad days than good, but the good always outweigh the bad and there is a season for everything. Embrace the moment you are in.

WR: How do you reward yourself for accomplishing your training/running goals?  

K: One word – Lululemon.

WR: Best running advice you’ve received or given?

K: I have received so much great running advice, but one that sticks out is to stay in the mile. This holds especially true for a good tempo workout. Don’t get ahead of yourself, just focus on the moment you are in, own it, work it and run it strong to the best of your ability in that moment. This is also applicable to life, which is one thing that I love about running – the way it brings you full circle.

WR: Anything else you want to share with our readers?

K: One thing that probably sparked my passion for health in addition to fitness was that when I was 25, I found out I had melanoma on my thigh. I was 35 weeks pregnant and had a 1 year old at the time.  It was the most frightening time of my life. Thankfully, I was able to have my daughter one month early, then surgery on my leg one week after that. They removed the melanoma and a lymph node and I was clear. This opened my eyes, in a big way, that we are ultimately in control of our health. We have to be our biggest advocate. We have this one body to take care of and I want to be around for a long time for my children. Between that incident and running, I love to read and educate myself on health, nutrition, and all things related to that. I find it so interesting and important to educate ourselves on what we are putting into our bodies and how it can effect our health, not just today, but years down the road.

Want to read more? Head over to MsFit Runner!

Katie loves running the marathon. What’s your favorite race distance?


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