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Why Athletes Continue to Turn to CBD Oil from cbdMD for Inflammation

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Although CBD was first discovered in 1940, the passing of the 2018 Farm bill has pushed CBD into mainstream favor. With this newfound popularity, there has been an influx of interest in CBD amongst professional and casual athletes seeking natural relief for pain and inflammation.

cbdMD, a premium CBD oil company that focuses on first-class hemp grown on nutrient rich US farms, offers a comprehensive product selection for all walks of life. cbdMD’s President, Caryn Dunayer, says, “We’ve been running in circles when it comes to the way we look at our overall health. For centuries, we’ve used modern medicine and man-made solutions to heal when Mother Nature has plenty of natural options to choose from.”

For athletes desperate for relief that will not hinder their endurance, strength, or recovery, some of the quickest and most effective delivery methods include CBD oil tincture drops, topicals such as lotions, ointments, or gels, and even bath bombs.



Becoming a staple in the athletic industry, CBD works synergistically with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and can have profound benefits on your body. The ECS is responsible for maintaining homeostasis – the body’s ability to regulate and stabilize itself from the outside environment. By regulating the central nervous system, the ECS is responsible for triggering your body’s pain response, as well as numerous other bodily functions.

Through experiments and clinical trials, CBD has displayed the ability to interact with certain cells in the body that contribute to various health related benefits. Like common medications, CBD mimics the look and function of other naturally produced cells in your body; this is done in an attempt to promote healthy recovery. Unlike many traditional medications, CBD is extracted naturally from hemp, not produced synthetically in a lab. This is just one of the many reasons people are turning to CBD for relief.



Many athletes experience daily inflammation – a true encumbrance to training, and even everyday activities. The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD can help relieve pain and may help impede joint injury during physical activity. Adding a CBD lotion or cream to your daily skin care regimen is a simple, yet beneficial step to take in the fight against pain. The most effective time to apply a CBD topical is after a shower or bath when the skin is the most absorbent.

One great product for pain relief is cbdMD’s Recover Inflammation Formula, which is specially formulated to target and reduce inflammation of the nerves, tendons, and muscles. Each application provides a soothing dose of CBD, combined with Arnica, MSM, and Vitamin B6.

CBD cold activation topicals are also gaining popularity, especially among athletes whose muscles are in constant need of comfort and relief. For example, cbdMD’s Freeze Pain Relief is a menthol gel that cools on-contact and is quickly absorbed into the skin to provide long-lasting relief.



While CBD works to block pain receptors in the ECS, it has also shown the ability to help diminish signs of anxiety and stress – both of which contribute to, and intensify, the effects of physical pain. Studies show that our psychological response to stressful stimuli can greatly reduce our ability to moderate physical pain. Therefore, in addition to CBD topicals, using CBD oil tinctures or capsules may help reduce your overall anxiety and, in turn, assist in alleviating pain.



Studies have suggested that CBD may offer beneficial properties for mental and physical well-being. The demanding lifestyle of an athlete requires products to meet their extreme needs while maintaining optimal performance levels. This demand is what reinforces cbdMD’s mission to provide athletes the highest quality CBD that’s grown right here in the US – containing no THC, gluten, or GMO.

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