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First Look: Tracksmith’s Fall Apparel Collection

The newest Tracksmith fall gear for training, racing and the running lifestyle.

You’ve run through heat all summer long and are likely wiggling your toes in excitement as you think about fall. Maybe you’re gearing up for a season of cross country racing or have a marathon on the schedule. Or maybe you plan on building up your weekend long run, or pushing the pace now and then, just because. For runners, fall is the season of glory.

Cool, crisp air. Leaves crunching under your feet. The sun hanging low in the sky casting shadows of your stride on the pavement and dried grasses along your routes. Something about fall makes us feel fast and invincible.

Inspired by storied cross country courses, historic efforts, and legendary teams, Tracksmith’s apparel is thoughtfully designed for the needs of committed runners. High-end materials in classic silhouettes are ready to launch you toward your running goals, and the brand’s apparel line celebrates the colors of hero season: fall.

Van Cortlandt Collection

Named after the storied cross country course of the Bronx, New York, the Van Cortlandt Collection is Tracksmith’s tribute to race day. With summer greens giving way to deeper, darker shades as the seasons shift, styles in Emerald Green and Sable join the Collection.

The Van Cortlandt Singlet ($65) was the brand’s first product offering when it hit the scene in 2013, and the Collection remains steadfast in enabling, and inspiring, fast running. The Singlet, Van Cortlandt Tee ($70), and Van Cortlandt Longsleeve ($75) are constructed out of the brand’s 2:09 Mesh—a soft, lightweight polyester/spandex blend that stretches, wicks sweat, dries quickly, and has an antimicrobial finish. A signature sash across the chest is a throwback to the Cornell Track and Field Team kit from the late 1800s.

The Van Cortlandt Shorts ($60) and Van Cortlandt Grand Shorts ($65) put a modern spin on a classic cut. They’re both constructed from 2:09 Mesh, with the Grand Shorts offering slightly more coverage and two back pockets to stash fuel or other mid-run needs.

Session Collection

We all need staples in our running arsenal, pieces that feel good cruising on an easy jaunt yet can perform throughout speedwork or a long run. Fall color additions to the Session Collection include the rich, warm hues of Tamarind and Emerald.

The Session Shorts ($68) and Session Speed Shorts ($72) cater to your workouts with their various lengths and fits. All are crafted out of an Italian fabric called Veloce, a nylon/elastane blend used for its luxe feel, four-way stretch, light weight, and hardworking properties—it’s breathable, moisture-wicking, and UV-protective.

“As runners, we all have that one go-to pair of shorts that we’d wear pretty much everyday if we could,” says Matt Taylor, Founder and CEO of Tracksmith. “Our goal with Session was to build the kind of shorts runners would be obsessed with: versatile, durable pieces that balance comfort with performance. To do this, we found this incredible knit fabric from Italy. Unlike woven materials used in a lot of running shorts, which tend to bunch and billow, the Session Shorts stretch with your stride, helping to prevent chafing and making for a more comfortable run all around, whether you’re going for an easy shakeout or a 15-mile long run.”

Twilight Collection

Inspired by low-key, summer track and cross-country meets held at the twilight hour, this collection was designed to feel airy in hot temps. New additions for the season include pieces in Spice, Wine, and Gold—the colors of a New England autumn.

Constructed out of super-light Bravio Blend—a hardworking, Italian micro-mesh that feels cool against the skin, wicks sweat, and dries quickly— the Twilight Tee ($58) is ready to fly. Bravio is crafted on high-gauge knitting equipment that creates small pointelle holes that maximize airflow.

“Early on, we noticed that the highest performing and most technical fabrics in running were often reserved for race kits,” says Taylor. “We also noticed that because many runners avoid wearing their race-day styles for practice, they were settling for underwhelming staples for training. This of course, makes little sense, given how much work goes into preparing for a goal race. The idea behind Twilight was to build pieces for hard, everyday work that had the feel and functionality of racing styles. We found an ultra-lightweight fabric from Italy that’s silky-soft and features tiny pin-dot holes that maximize airflow. Everything else we kept intentionally understated. Is that just psychological? Perhaps. But who needs a loud kit when effort is the most important input?”

The Twilight Shorts ($58) are race-ready but also eschew the side-split for a grocery store-friendly rounded hem. But since nothing really makes you feel faster than a good side split on a pair of short-shorts, the Twilight Split Shorts ($52) round out the Collection.

Visit to gear up in the season’s offerings to help you crush your fall running.

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