Why Yoga Is The Yin To This Runner’s Yang

Runners can get a lot of unexpected benefits by adding yoga into their routine.

runner's yang
Over the last few years as I’ve increased the days and miles I run each week and as I add more races on my running bucket-list, I’ve also felt the need to increase my yoga practice. Yoga is the prefect yin to my running yang, and here is why:
  1. While running more races means crossing more finish lines, yoga reminds me that there is no end to any pose. I can always hold any pose longer, working on more expansion and more depth within it.
  2. While running makes me speed and sprint as fast as I can, yoga reminds me to slow down and transition from pose to pose with intention.
  3. While running can often leave me panting, yoga reminds me to match my breathing to my movement as I flow from Warrior I to Warrior II to Reverse Warrior and then through my Vinyasa back to Downward Dog.
  4. While running has me always moving forward, yoga shows me the benefits of bending backwards through wheel and camel pose.
  5. While running rushes blood away from my GI tract towards my muscles, yoga circulates the blood back to rejuvenate my digestive system.
  6. While running floods my body with lactic acid, through twisting postures yoga helps me flush out any toxins.
  7. While running makes me want to keep striving for more, yoga reminds me that a tree growing its branches or a dancer’s pose with full expression requires balance—that life is all about balance.
  8. While running results in concentric and eccentric contraction of my muscle fibers, yoga stretches them out, providing flexibility to protect me from injury.
  9. While running makes me feel like I’m in flight; whether my feet are planted in mountain pose, my sit bones in Lotus, my forehead in child’s pose, or my entire body in Savasana, yoga helps me feel the stabilizing ground beneath me.
  10. While running connects me with people in an amazing, supportive, live-life-to-the-fullest running community, yoga reminds me of the importance of renewing my connection to self.  Namaste.

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