Why You Should Make Exercise Part Of Your Work Day

Even the healthiest runner doesn't benefit from sitting at a desk all day.

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A recent study from the University of Texas looked at the sitting times of marathon and half-marathon participants over the course of an average day. The results suggest: “Recreational distance runners are simultaneously highly sedentary and highly active.”

Unfortunately, the benefits of exercise, even a vigorous run, aren’t enough to counteract damage done sitting at a desk, in a car or in front of the television. Besides tightening your muscles, every two hours spent sitting increases blood sugars, while reducing circulation and good cholesterol. A study published by the American Cancer Society in 2010 suggested that more sitting meant a shorter life span, regardless of how much participants exercised outside of work.


1. Try our At Work Workout to get in some stretching and strength work during the day!

2.  Take a walk with your co-worker as a one-on-one meeting. (Aaron Sorkin is on to something!) Or squeeze in a quick walk during lunch.

3.  Stand when you’re on the phone.

4.  If it’s acceptable in your  office, considering switching to a standing desk. If you do decide to stand, Borden, who stresses anatomically correct body positioning to combat the weak core and forward carriage she calls “computer body,” says it has to be the perfect height, with the monitor screen at eye-level and the keyboard positioned so that elbows are relaxed at your sides.

5. Set an alarm to stand up and stretch every hour or so, if possible. Just getting out of your chair for a minute is good for your muscles and allows you to adjust your posture.