Why I Run All The Races!

A few reasons why scheduling a race can make a difference in your training.

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I just reviewed my running calendar for the remainder of the year. I realized that I’m set to race 15 times this year— and there’s a good chance that number will go up a race or two before the year is done. There are two camps of runners: those who love racing and sign up for ALL THE RACES (clearly that’s the camp I’m in) and those who just love racing but don’t see the need to pay money to do something they do everyday anyway. I completely respect those of you in the latter group but let me tell you why I’m in camp run ALL THE RACES!

  • Races motivate my training. I have a hard time sticking to a schedule if I don’t have an end goal. For me, races are that end goal. Even if I’m not going to try and PR, having an end date in mind pushes me forward when lazy Courtney would much rather be in bed, on the couch or drinking a glass of sangria.
  • I love the race environment. I’ve found that people are SO supportive of other runners at races. From saying good work as you pass someone to commiserating as you slog up a brutal hill, races are a social environment. I am a social person so I love that. I’ve made friends during races that I keep in touch with today. I’ve also run an entire marathon with my husband. Both were amazing experiences that you just can’t replicate outside of race day.
  • Races give me a benchmark to track my progress. I can look at my previous races and know if I’m actually getting faster, getting stronger and improving. Of course races aren’t the only way to benchmark progress but they are a useful way to do so.

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Simply put, I just love races. I love the opportunity to travel. I love meeting up with like minded people (runners are my people). I love getting out there and conquering the nerves.

Why do you love races? If you don’t race, why not?