What Is The Best Time Of Day To Run?

Choosing the right time of day could be the difference between a good or bad workout.


The most dedicated runners pay attention to the details. They chart their daily, weekly and yearly mileage. They are diligent with their diets. They learn from their mistakes. No matter what their goal, serious runners have one thing in common: they want to optimize everything they are doing. They want to get the most out of each workout, eat a nutritious diet, and recover well.

One question I’ve gotten asked frequently over the course of my career is, “What’s the ideal time of day to run or train so that I get the most out of my workout?”

My answer is always the same. The most ideal time to workout is the time that works best for you on a consistent basis.

If you aren’t a morning person and can workout after work without making excuses, then run in the evening.

If you are a morning person who often gets stuck at work late or has a busy social life, you’ll be most consistent with your workouts if you complete them early in the day or sneak out at lunch time.

There’s a misconception that you need to workout at a certain time of day to optimize results. While there is evidence that morning workouts pay off, the best time of day to workout to get the optimal results is the time of day that works best for you and works well with your schedule.

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