10 Ways To Cool Off After A Hot Run

Summer running—and summer heat—is in full swing.


Summer. It’s here—and it’s hot. Running in the summer heat is no joke and can make every mile feel like a marathon. So when you get home from your workout, you want to cool off fast. If you don’t have access to a pool and don’t want to spend half of your paycheck blasting the AC, try one of these ten tips to feel the chill.

Get cool before you get hot

Ok, just one way to cool down before the run—to beat the heat before it begins, take measures to get cool before you even step outside. Try to sit in the air-conditioning, drink plenty of water, or wet your head with cool water or a damp bandana.

Don’t skip the stretching

Even though you may be dying for a shower, it’s crucial to finish your workout with a cool down. Be sure to walk for a few minutes followed by some stretching to allow your heart rate to come down so you won’t keep sweating post-shower.

Take it off

If you’re not showering immediately (and are in the privacy of your own home), strip out of those sweaty clothes to keep them from trapping the heat. Once you do shower, give yourself a quick pat but then lose the towel; air drying will cool your body more than wrapping yourself in a thick towel. Then get out of that steamy bathroom to continue cooling.

Go cool, not cold

An ice-cold shower might seem like the obvious choice after a sweaty run, but since that can be shocking (and who can last more than 30 seconds?!), start out with lukewarm water and then alternate spurts of colder water. You’ll get the same cool-down effect and be able to stay in the shower long enough to actually wash your hair.

Sip on a slushie after the hot run

A cold drink is great, but for true ice-cold refreshment, turn your beverage into a childhood favorite. Just fill a blender with ice, add your drink and blend to icy perfection.

Freeze those feet

You know how your feet always feel extra hot and swollen after a sweaty run? Fill a bowl or the tub with a few inches of cold water and soak those barking dogs while you enjoy your post-workout snack.

Put it on your pulse points

It’s an oldie but a goodie—putting an ice cube on your pulse points (think wrists and sides of your neck) or running them under cold water will cool you down instantly. Since the blood vessels in those areas are close to the surface of your skin, the cold will bring your body temp down much quicker.

Just spray it

Pick up an empty spray bottle and fill it with water; store in the fridge. After your run, mist your face with the cool H20 for an instant pick-me-up and cool down. Bonus points for adding cucumbers to the water for a refreshing kick.

Make your moisturizer ice cold

If you still have the sweats post-shower, lower your temp while you lotion up. Store your daily moisturizer in the fridge and smooth the cold cream on your face and body for an extra kick of cool.

Have sweet dreams

If you’re a night runner, try popping your pillowcase in a plastic bag and into the freezer before you head out. When you’re ready to go to bed, slip it on your pillow; the chilly material will help your body cool to the perfect temperature for sleeping.