Tips For Running On Vacation

The real truth: Life is Hectic! Getting stuck in the stress of everyday life can take a toll on your well being.

Taking a vacation can help balance the scales!

While we love the way running helps us deal with stress, sometimes we just need a get-a-way! Embarking on a vacation can rejuvenate your mind and renew your spirit. Never fear! Your running routine doesn’t have to suffer while you’re traveling (even Women’s Running magazine editor @jessiesebor took a vacation in the middle of marathon training!)!

No matter what your idea of a vacation is, you can stay active when you

Here are a few tips for staying fit on the road:
Research routes. Running in an unfamiliar city can be intimidating—and unsafe. Before you leave for your trip, search for sensible places to run near where you’ll be staying. has thousands of routes posted by runners all over the world. You can also contact a running store in the area for tips on where the locals hit the road. The store may even offer free group runs so that you can tag along with a group.

With so many tools online, you

Short and sweet. Days packed with sightseeing and impatient travel partners can make it tough to schedule longer runs. Tempo runs and sprint intervals can get you on an off the road in 20 minutes or less, while still providing a great workout.

A quick run will keep you on track!

Chill out. It’s called a “vacation” for a reason! Relax and enjoy your time away. If you can’t fit a run in every day, don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to make up for lost time on the roads upon your return!

Whatever way you choose to relax- indulge a little! It

What tips do you have for staying active on vacation?