Travel Tip: Batherapy Bath Salt Packets


work and pleasure, I travel almost as much as I stay home. I love to be on the
go, but no matter how exciting my destination, I still relish a certain amount
of down time.

transports me to a relaxed state faster than a soothing soak in a hot bath, and
to enhance the experience I often travel with Batherapy mineral salts. I keep a
bulk bottle at home, but in my suitcase I always carry one or two of the
individual packets.

relies on natural epsom salt to soothe sore muscles and relieve tension.  The Sport blend adds peppermint oil as an
anti-inflammatory and eucalyptus oil to revitalize your body. I’m also
particularly fond of the Lavender formula, as the lavender oil smells divine and promotes
deep relaxation.


up some Batherapy and enjoy a mini-spa experience, sure to make your next hotel
room a whole lot more like home.

Holly Bennett