Is It Safe To Run With Your Dog On Snowy Trails?

Are you worried that running on snow is going to hurt your dog's paws? It is safe, but here is what you need to know first.


Snow Puppy

If your dog is your running BFF and you’re not sure if snowy trails will be painful on her little feet, consider this: Dogs’ paws are nearly as effective as penguins’ wings at staying warm. Freeze-resistant fat and connective tissue provide a barrier to the ground, while a specialized circulation system allows for a speedy transfer of heat from arteries to blood vessel webs. Paws have been found to withstand temperatures as low as negative 23 degrees!

That said, the tender skin is not immune to salt and other chemicals used to melt ice. If you are taking your pup on streets and sidewalks that have been de-iced, gently wash her paws when you return home or invest in some booties (which as an added benefit are pretty darn cute).