I have a bit of a thing for shoes. At 5’8”, I love fashion
footwear that adds even a few more inches to my height. But these shoes are
rarely the most comfortable ones in my closet, so I reserve them for special
occasions – ones where walking is kept to a minimum. Now of course, I love my
running shoes for workouts as well as just plain comfy kicks for hanging out. But
as much as I love my runners, they’re not exactly appropriate for every
occasion. Thus, there’s a middle ground in my footwear repertoire, a group of
comfy cuties I like to call my “trade show shoes”.

The name stems from the fact that I attend a fair number of
trade shows – events where I am on my feet for eight to ten hours a day. It’s
imperative that I wear shoes which are both fashionable and exceptionally comfortable
– not always the easiest combination to find. However, I recently discovered
these Mary Jane style slides from Jambu, and my feet have been thanking me ever
since. I can honestly wear my Jambu’s all day, for multiple days in a row, in
complete comfort, keeping my feet, legs and back in fresh condition for my next
run. If any of you spend time on your feet aside from running – and I’m willing
to wager that you do – check out a pair from Jambu!

– Holly Bennett