Thoughts All Of Us Have During Hot Summer Runs

No matter how optimistic we are about running in summer...the heat slaps us in the face.

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summer runs

As the summer heat and humidity settles in and holds many of us captive, I began thinking about all the myriad of thoughts I have while running during the summer. First things first: Heat can be dangerous, so please be smart when deciding if you are going to run outside during these hot days (especially during the heat advisory days that we’ve been having recently on the East Coast). Regardless of whether you take it outside or decamp to a treadmill during summer runs, we all have probably had some similar thoughts.

While getting ready for a run:

  • I’m not going to check the weather because I know the forecast—miserable. – I think this just about every single morning.
  • How can I wear as few clothes as possible without getting catcalled in the mean streets of DC? – The problems of being a city runner!

When I start running:

  • It’s not so bad out here. – Oh, the lies we tell ourselves just to make it out the door. Because as we all know…

Five minutes later:

  • Dante’s inferno.
  • I hate running. – No explanation needed here. Once the heat and humidity really settles in, it gets rough…

A few miles in:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • What did I do to deserve this life? – I had this thought this week while I was running 8x600s during a morning where the humidity rested around 90 percent. I began hoping that I could atone for whatever I’d done to deserve the misery I was currently in.

When it’s over:

  • Well. I’m currently soaking wet. That was not awesome. – I basically look like I just left the pool after finishing up summer runs. It is definitely not awesome and my clothes are definitely soaked.

30 minutes after showering post run:

  • How is it possible that I showered 30 minutes ago and I’m still sweating? Global warming is kicking my butt. – This has been most weekdays this summer. I will shower, get ready for work, head back out in the heat and by the time I reach my office, I’m pretty miserable. And gross. It’s hard to look professional when you are covered in sweat.

What goes through your head while running in the heat?

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