There Are Plenty Of Reasons To Love Winter Runs

Not just because they can make you feel like a badass.

reaons winter 1

We all love to gripe about winter running. It’s cold. It’s dark. Sometimes you can’t feel your toes. And all those layers can make you feel a bit like a tumbling marshmallow instead of a bounding gazelle. But there are a few redeeming qualities to winter running:

The Quiet
There’s nothing quite like heading out into the quiet of a snowstorm. It seems the world slows down when the snow flies and that can have a magical Robert Frost affect on your run. You feel a bit like poetry in motion.

If you’re a gear junkie, winter running is for you. Hats, head lamps, reflective gear, ice spikes, mittens, cozy running tights. There are all kinds of gear that can help make your run a little more comfortable.

reasons winter 2

Badass Factor
There’s nothing like a “cold doesn’t bother me anyway” attitude to up the badass factor of our run. Step out into the harsh conditions and you can rack up some serious badass points.

Beats the Heat
Just think of those scorcher runs in the summer where the humidity makes you feel like you’re swimming instead of running. If you’re cold in the winter, just throw on another layer. Worst case scenario: you can just roll home…like a tumbling marshmallow.

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