The Way To Prep For A Race That Involves Running And Eating

How do you prepare for a race where food is the main attraction?

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It has been said that you shouldn’t try anything new on race day. You should practice with your hydration, nutrition and apparel—especially your shoes. But what if you are running a race that involves eating donuts or pizza mid-course? Or chugging down a beer before you run your second mile?

Preparing for that kind of race definitely depends on the type of food involved in the race. For example, The Chocolate Race, where you drink chocolate milk (the perfect recovery drink!) is much different than the Krispy Kreme Challenge, which of course has a course full of donuts.

While you may not be able to easily carry a piece of pizza along with you on your run to get ready for the New York City Pizza Run, you could try to eat a pizza before an (easy!) run. Most of these food races are very short distances—often less than a 5K—so you will get to see how your stomach will react to extra carbs or sugars, so you aren’t surprised on race day.

You will want to remember to still hydrate, which may be easy to forget in the excitement of what may be an oncoming food coma. Definitely be sure to take it easy on what you put in your body pre-race, in order to avoid an upset stomach after the race.

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