The Truth About Splurging During The Holidays And Skipping Workouts

What one runner has learned about her personal health and wellness during the holidays.


It’s Thanksgiving week, which means we are being bombarded with messages about getting through the holidays without gaining weight.

Am I the only one who is annoyed by the constant clamor surrounding the holidays and weight gain?

The truth is, as a runner and health-conscious person, my weight matters to me year-round. I’m not obsessed with my weight the way I was in my youth, but I do know that I feel my best and run my best when my weight is where it should be and I’m not eating potato chips straight from the bag on a daily basis.

I don’t obsess about the scale, but I do notice when my clothes no longer fit comfortably. I also notice when I hold on too tightly to these ideals I set up for myself in regard to eating, working out and reaching my running goals.

I care about the quality of the food I eat and how it fuels my body, but when I decide to go for a second slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving day or skip a workout in lieu of attending a holiday party, I have zero guilt.

The truth of the matter is, I am a runner with very specific goals. I will eat more food than normal during the holidays. I will probably skip more workouts than normal. And I will probably gain a few pounds—but I don’t care. When the holiday season is over, I’ll get back to my normal routine and with time those extra holiday pounds will melt away.

Letting go of trying to do and be everything is hard in all aspects of my life, but this holiday season I’m letting go of the guilt of having an extra slice of pie or another glass of eggnog. I’m embracing the season, eating healthy foods when I’m not at a holiday party or celebrating, getting back to running after an injury and already looking ahead to crushing my running goals in 2016.

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