The “Joys” Of Summer Running

Love it or hate it, these are the things we all deal with during summer runs.


Ahh, summer running. For those in the Great White North, summer is no doubt a welcome respite from the frigid days of winter. In the South though, the summer is treated more like something to be endured until the (slightly) cooler days of fall are upon us. Whether running in the summer is something you love or something you deal with to stay fit for fall, you’ve undoubtedly encountered a few of these issues along the way!

  1. Even more chafing than usual: What’s that? You didn’t think there was anywhere else on your body left to chafe? Well, a long run in the summer is all you need to tell you differently. Chafing between the ‘cheeks, anyone?
  2. Squishy socks: If you live in an area with a lot of humidity, you know that the air can only absorb so much of your sweat. The good news is that your socks and shoes can (and will) absorb the rest as it runs down your body. Just think of each squishing sound as a little drum beat to keep you on pace!
  3. Waking up impossibly early to “beat the heat”: Long runs in the summer start early in an effort to get the miles done during the coolest part of the day, so you might find yourself waking up at 4 am on more than one occasion!
  4. The futility of trying to beat the heat: There is no cool part of the day.
  5. Trying to drink enough to stay hydrated on long runs, then getting sick from having to drink so much: Drink according to your thirst,” they say. What happens when your thirst is unquenchable, you’ve sweat through your shoes, and you literally can’t fit any more fluid into your stomach? Ahh, summer.
  6. Feeling like you’re running incredibly slowly and your fall PR is slipping further and further away: They say fall marathon PRs are made in the summer. While that’s true, sometimes goal pace seems impossibly far away! After all, mid-90s and humid isn’t exactly ideal weather for your long run. At least it’s (hopefully) not the weather you’ll be racing in!
  7. Your face staying red for the rest of the day after your run: Want to make sure the whole world knows you went for a run today? Don’t worry, the summer heat will tell everyone for you because your face will be a delightful shade of red for the rest of the day as evidence of your exertion.
  8. Getting out of the shower…and continuing to sweat: There’s nothing like a nice cool shower after a summer long run! Unfortunately, you’ll probably still be sweating when you get out unless that shower is two hours long.
  9. Ice baths almost sound appealing: Almost.

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