The Best Way To Race With Your Significant Other

One running-obsessed couple shares their best tips for racing with a significant other.

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After completing more than 30 races together, it’s no surprise that Bryana and Jennifer Letts from Sacramento, Calif., chose to celebrate their wedding last summer with running as the theme for their big day. Complete with tiny sneaker favors and Gatorade bottle vases, the event was full of running love. Learn how the couple makes striding together work.

Team Training
Make a point to train as a duo. If you work out separately, it makes it harder to run the same pace when it comes to race day. Couples that train together, remain together!

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Support Crew
Always encourage one another. We push each other when one of us is getting exhausted. It took time to learn what things to say to one another, so the more races we do together, the better this works for us.

Pace Yourselves
Go at the speed of the slowest person. If one of us is in better shape on race day, it doesn’t matter because our goal is to enjoy the event together. We stay side by side from start to finish, no matter what!

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Mix It Up
Don’t be afraid to try all kinds of races. We’ve done foam runs, mud runs, runs with obstacles, 5Ks, 10Ks, 8-mile runs, costume-themed runs and many more. The more fun you have, the less the challenge will seem like work!

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