The 14 Stages of a Runner-vention

There comes a time when running becomes a borderline obsession—and your friends will let you know.

There comes a time in some runners’ lives when running becomes a borderline obsession. It starts as a fun hobby, a way to manage stress or perhaps stay healthy and strong so you can reach for a pizza and still feel like a million bucks. We all may run for different reasons but we all have one thing in common—becoming a runhole is a very real threat. (Runhole: A runner who neglects their friends, family and significant other when they train for an endurance race.)

The road to recovery once you’ve entered into runhole territory isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible. That’s where the runner-vention comes in. Your significant other, friends and family members are worried and miss you. They are concerned that you haven’t changed out of running clothes in weeks. They aren’t happy with your excuses (“I can’t. I have to run in the morning.”) and they are fed up with hearing about your blisters, chafing and the state of your toenails. These are the 14 stages of a runner-vention.

1. Concern.


2. Confusion.


3. The revelation.


4. Skepticism.


5. Misunderstood.


6. Denial.


7. Shock.


8. Contention.


9. Resentment.


10. Bargaining.


11. Understanding.


12. Resolution.


13. The breaking of the bread.


14. Relief.


Watch the hilarity ensue during the entire runnervention here:

Sometimes we all need a little reminder that running is meant to enhance our lives, not take it over. Don’t forget to schedule some good old fashioned quality time with the people in your life who don’t think spending 4 hours on a bike during your long run is a good time. It’s all about finding a balance! Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.

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