How Do I Tell A Friend I Want To Run Faster Than Her?

You told your friend you'd race with her, but want to run faster than she's ready to go. What do you do?

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NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training!

Q: I told my friend I’d run with her for our next race, but I think I want to run faster than she’s ready to go. How do I tell her?

First, consider if you could choose a different race to be your faster-paced event. Your friend may really want you there for a reason. If you don’t get the sense that the race is all that important to her, then it’s okay to tell her you’d like to run separately.

Try something like this: “Jenny, I’m really getting excited for the race. I wanted to check in with you, because as I’ve been training, I’ve really been able to get in some great workouts. Would you mind if I push myself for this one and run it at a faster pace? I know we may not finish together, but we can meet up at the finish line!”

Hopefully she’ll understand. If she seems disappointed, ask yourself what is more important to you: doing this race with your buddy, or getting that time?

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