Team WR Hot Tips

These hot tips, research findings, and training news will help your running!

These hot tips, research findings, and training news will help your running!

Don’t be intimidated by faster runners.

It’s fun to be the fastest runner in a group (yes, that’s Meb Keflezighi joining WR for a run near our office!), but studies show you’ll get a better workout if you are the weak link. The motivation to keep up, which in turn improves performance, is called the Kohler effect. Want to increase your speed? It’s just a matter of finding the right hare for your turtle!

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Get hoppy.

Your ups determine your speed, according to a recent study published in Plos One. When researchers tracked middle-distance runners over a season, they found the athletes raced fastest on weeks when they were able to perform the best on a vertical jump test.

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Don’t sabotage your workout.

Running can help you lose weight, but not if you overestimate the calories you’re burning. The average woman can plan on torching about 100 calories per mile, so if you run 3 miles, skip the chocolate sundae reward. Instead, choose a protein-rich snack, such as yogurt and fruit, which will refuel your muscles without undoing your run.

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Access the fountain of youth.

Noni juice may be the hot new bevvie at Whole Foods—but it’s actually been valued for thousands of years in Polynesian culture as an anti-aging tonic. According to a study in the Current Research Journal of Biological Sciences, the extracted nectar (avoid the pasteurized stuff!) decreases inflammation from the inside out, which means fewer fine lines and wrinkles. So don’t let its funky aroma deter you from starting the new year off with a fresh face!

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