Stroller Running Tips From A New Dad

This new father-runner gives his top tips for learning to run with a stroller.


*Courtesy of RunHaven

Everyone faces his or her own obstacles when it comes to running. For example, learning how to breathe or how to plant your feet can be difficult. Now, throw a stroller into the mix and you’ve got a whirlwind of new obstacles to conquer — just ask Chris Ritchie, distance runner and proud new father of 10-month-old Emma.

When asked how he’s adjusting to running with a stroller since Emma’s arrival, Ritchie didn’t hesitate to dish out his best tips.

“Posture has been key,” explained Ritchie. “Having your arms static was difficult for me. Instead of holding the handlebars tight, you can use a wrist strap — such as the one on the Urban Glide — and hold on with one hand. I’ll run a half mile with one hand, then switch. If you hold on with both, your shoulders will ache and be uncomfortable.”

This tip may ring true for many, as runners know that the right posture can help you run more efficiently and protect you from injuries.

Another tip from Ritchie?

“Being more aware while you’re running,” he said. “It becomes natural after a while. I do a quite a bit of road running with the stroller and navigate sidewalks, pedestrians, et cetera. It’s a little more difficult to get in the zone because you’re constantly looking for potholes and other distractions, but it’s not that much different than trail running.”

Ritchie has learned these techniques while running with the Thule Urban Glide, a running stroller that has earned numerous awards in the jogging stroller industry. (Keep an eye out for RunHaven’s upcoming review!)

We hope these tips help, and if you’re looking for ways to keep your little one entertained in the stroller while you’re running, make sure to check out our tips here. 

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