Do You Know Strava? You Should.

A new update to this popular running app has an important new feature, letting three contacts of your choice track your location on the run.


The App: Strava Premium

This app is for you if…you like to run alone—but your family gets worried.

With more than 1.2 million active users on the free platform, the basic version of Strava has a lot to offer. Runners can track their mileage, pace and elevation over the course of a run; store workout stats; and share accomplishments with friends, while giving kudos in return.

Strava Premium, the company’s paid version, includes all of this and more—but until recently, the upgrade offerings (training plans, custom goal setting, deeper race-performance data analysis) didn’t feel compelling enough for us to invest in the monthly fee. However, this summer, Strava released the Beacon feature, and we began to see the light.

Running is a glorious solitary pursuit, but there are dangers, especially for females. Beacon allows you to select three safety contacts who, through a simple URL, may track your location in real time, providing friends and family with peace of mind.

strava premium 2

Cost: $7 per month or $59 for an annual membership
Caveat: If you go out of cell range when using the Beacon feature, your safety contact may receive inaccurate or delayed location data.