Ever Wonder What A Spartan Race Workout Looks Like?

October 3-4

Excerpt used with permission of Spartan Fit!

Spartan Fit! by Joe De Sena, the creator of the uber-popular Spartan Race series, is bringing the get-ready-to-rumble workout to the masses with this training book/log. The tagline: 31 days. Transform your mind. Transform your body. Commit to grit. No gym required. Here’s a quick peek at what a workout looks like in a day in the life of—being SPARTAN FIT!

“The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.” — Elbert Hubbard

1. Warm-up

This warm-up is designed to increase your heart rate, prepare the major joints and muscle groups for movement, and practice contralateral movements (skipping, crawling). Perform at a relaxed pace that leaves you warm and just starting to sweat. Complete before every workout.
• 10 ankle circles and wrist circles (5 in each direction)
• 5 minutes jog, row, bike, or jump rope
• 2 rounds of:
–– 30m skipping
–– 10m bear crawl
–– 10m reverse bear crawl
–– 10m walking lunges
–– 10 squats

*m = meters

2. Workout

Complete these three fitness tests in sequence as if they were a mini–Spartan Race.
• Dead Hang Test — hang from a bar for as long as possible, palms out. Record time.
• Burpee Test — do as many burpees as possible in 5 minutes with race form. Record reps.
• Distance Test — run (or walk) as far as you can in 30 minutes. Record distance.

HELL NO (maybe next year)
Dead Hang Test < 30 sec.
Burpee Test < 40 reps
Distance Test < 5 km

SO SO (I could survive the race)
Dead Hang Test 30–60 sec.
Burpee Test 40–65 reps
Distance Test 5–7 km

AROO! (I could TOTALLY THRIVE at the race!)
Dead Hang Test > 90 sec.
Burpee Test> 65 reps
Distance Test > 7 km

3. Cool-down
Finish each workout with a few minutes of static stretching or light yoga. Your muscle tissue is warm and elastic at that point, so it’s the ideal time to increase your flexibility.

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