Should You Run Two Races On The Same Weekend?

A 5K and a marathon on the same weekend—is that really a good idea?


NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training! 

Q: There’s a 5K race the day before my marathon that my friends all want to do as a shakeout. Is that recommended?

Doing a short, easy shake-out run the day before your marathon is definitely a good idea. Especially if you have been traveling, your legs will feel much better if they have a chance to move a little before the main event!

However, be careful to keep the 5K easy. Don’t get too pumped up by all the race vibes around you and run fast. If you think this excitement might suck you in, find a trail or route and run with your friends in a “non-race” environment. You have spent months preparing, so just make sure that you save all of your competitive energy for the marathon!

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