Running in the Rain

MRJ9103AST_156x121 I live in Florida where hurricane season kicks off June 1st.
It’s also the beginning of a daily forecast that typically ends with
“chance of rain is fill-in-the-blank percent.” Today, it was 80
percent. I peeked outside into the early-morning darkness. It was
sprinkling. There was no lightning and no wind. Definitely do-able. But I
headed back to my bureau drawer stuffed with running accessories. I have a
rain slicker that I love to wear when I’m walking my dog in the rain, but it
traps heat and moisture, so it’s not a good option when I’m running on soggy
mornings. I grabbed my Headsweats race
hat, perfect for keeping raindrops out of my eyes, and my New Balance NBX Lightweight Shell, a
water-resistant, reflective windbreaker. I wanted to have the right gear just
in case the light rain turned to a harder drizzle or drenching
downpour.  A mile from home, the rain did come down harder, but I had
settled into a rhythm and, besides, I had already achieved the most challenging
part of my run–getting out the door! Summer rain can actually be brilliant
fun. I feel like a kid again as I leap over puddles. In fact, my easy run ended
up being a tempo run. End-of-run tip: Try stuffing soaked shoes with crumpled
newspaper to preserve their shape and draw moisture away from their fabric.