Running In Hot Weather

Yesterday, runners racing at the 2012 Boston Marathon experienced unusually high temperatures. Though runners preparing for a marathon often meticulously plan everything from training, nutrition and race day clothing, environmental factors are out of our control and can sometimes throw a wrench in the best laid plans.

Though we love sunshine, hot weather running calls for proper planning!

In honor of Boston Marathon Monday and a rapidly approaching summer season, we want to help you remember these tips for running in the heat:

Hydrate properly! Make sure to fuel up with plenty of water and sports drinks in the days leading up to your race and during the run. Be careful not to take in too much liquid though and try to stay away from drinks that might actually dehydrate you, like sodas and tea.

Make hydration a priority!

 Slow down! Though it is a hard pill to swallow, slowing your pace and adjusting your finish time expectations are wise thinking in hot temperatures. Listen to your body and don’t push too far.  Safety is more important than jeopardizing your health!

Ok, so maybe you don

Know the signs of heat stroke. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, and extreme fatigue can all by indicators of heat stroke. If you experience any of these symptoms, slow down and seek medical attention.

Listen to your body. They don’t call it, “Women’s Intuition” for nothing! Let’s face it ladies- we are typically in tune with our bodies and how we feel. Don’t let your pride overrule sensibility. Pay attention to how you feel during hot weather running and adjust your run accordingly.

The bottom line: be smart. run smart.

How do you deal with running in hot temperatures?