6 Must-Follow Rules For Summer Marathon Training

Ignore silly mantras and stick to the plan.


Summer marathon training is in full speed. Follow these six rules to run well and happy all summer and well into the fall.

1. Learn the difference between pushing through a workout because you are uncomfortable and when to call it quits because you’re on the verge of injury or illness.

2. If you have any small aches or pains, address them as soon as they show up. Get a sports massage, see a doctor, physical therapist or other qualified health care professional. Don’t wait for something small to turn into something big.

3. Ignore silly sayings, mantras and trends like, “Never miss a Monday.” You’re training for a marathon. Respect your training schedule and take planned rest days—even if that means not working out on a Monday.

4. Don’t be intimidated by what’s on your training schedule ten weeks from now. Stay focused on the workout at hand and don’t let that 20-mile run with 5 miles at marathon goal pace freak you out. When you get to that day on your training schedule, you’ll be ready for it!

5. Don’t fall into the comparison trap. Don’t let what someone else is doing in their marathon training deter you from your path. You do you. If you find that you’re starting to feel bad about not running all the miles or feeling like you aren’t as fast as your favorite runners on social media, take a social media time out.

6. Focus on doing your best and the rest will follow. Don’t get too caught up in thinking about what will happen on race day. Do what you can in each moment of training and be satisfied with the outcome no matter what, because you know you did your best.