Badass Lady Gang 5K Training Plan—Week 3

Run Selfie Repeat's Kelly Roberts explains all that's involved in the #BadassLadyGang5K week 3 training plan.

Okay, #BadassLadyGang: Time For Week 3!

Do you feel that? Yeah, that’s the realization starting to sink in that we’re now over halfway to our goal. The hardest part is behind us! So do me a favor: put your phone down, step away from your computer, cue the Bon Jovi and join me in a celebration dance.

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That felt good, right? Yeah it did!

All right, let’s get down to business. We may be more than halfway there, but the hard work continues! This week is all about taking the physical and mental strength we’ve built during the past two weeks and running with it. (Is it too soon for “run with it” jokes?)

If you’re following the “Your First 5K Plan for Beginners” plan, this week you’ll run more than one mile without stopping to walk. Is that kind of terrifying? It sure is! Maybe you’re fighting horrific flashbacks to grade school or high school when you were forced to run. Put that nightmare behind you: today, you run because you’re a badass. It’s a choice. Remember what motivated you to want to train for the #BadassLadyGang5K. You can do this. Focus on the moment you’re in and just keep working with those mantras. All you can do is your best.

For those of you following the “Your Strongest 5K Plan With a Goal Pace” plan, this week is going to hurt in the BEST way possible. If you’re feeling a little nervous or fearful, look ahead knowing that you’re not alone. This week’s speed work is terrifying. Just remember: it’s not about being perfect, it’s about doing your best. If you’re feeling intimidated about a workout, give yourself permission to see what happens. Focus on what you can control: the effort you’re putting in right now. Celebrate the fact that you have the courage to push yourself and chase down your strongest 5K. You’re kicking ass. Keep going.

Remember, these training plans aren’t about being perfect. This is a perfect time to check back in with your goal and start thinking about what success and failure mean to you. Set a goal and an intention for each and every workout from here until race day and start running toward the strongest version of yourself.

Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.


Two #BadassLadyGang5K Training Plans From Kelly Roberts

The #BadassLadyGang5K Week 2 Training Plan

Click here to download the full PDF.

Click here to download the full PDF.