How To Race Two Half Marathons Back To Back

Train for two races at once with two-week guide that will give you double the fun.


Racing frequently can take a toll on your body, especially if you’re giving a PR effort. But you can parlay the training from one half marathon into the next if you’re careful with your recovery between each effort.

This schedule is a conservative approach to racing two half marathons two weeks apart:


Sunday: Race #1
Monday: Compete Rest. Foam Rolling. Wear compression gear.
Tuesday: Complete Rest. Foam Rolling.
Wednesday: Easy 20 min run.
Thursday: Rest. Foam Rolling.
Friday:  Easy 25 min run.
Saturday: Easy run 30 min.
Sunday: Easy 45-50 min run.


Monday: Rest or Yoga. Stretching, foam rolling.
Tuesday: Easy 45 min run.
Wednesday: Complete Rest. Foam Rolling.
Thursday: Easy 35-40 min run.
Friday: Easy 30 min run and 6x100m strides
Saturday: Easy Run. 2.5 miles
Sunday: Half Marathon #2

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