4 Training Changes To Make Before Your Next Big Race

Small adjustments to your training, attitude, diet and workout recovery can help you reach those PRs you've been striving toward.

Make These Training Changes To See Real Results

If you have a big fall marathon race goal, now is the time to think about making some changes. If your training plan didn’t help you reach your goals last year, take a closer look at your workouts, your mental game, your eating habits and your recovery and see where improvements can be made.

Training Plans

Are you using the same training plan again? Maybe it’s time to shake things up, both for your mind and body, and try training for the same distance in a different way. There are a multitude of programs available for any given distance, all with different philosophies on rest, hard runs, long runs and cross training. Take some time, do the research and make the switch.

Mental Game

Are you going to be at the starting line again this year with all the worries you had last year? If you immediately thought of your worst fear, clearly you have not done enough mental training to overcome it, which may be why you’re not attaining your racing and running goals. With each training run you should be working on your mental game so you are race ready–no matter what happens.

Get tough with these five mental race strategies!

Eating Habits

If you think you can log a ton of miles and then eat whatever you want, think again. It’s time to think about food as fuel and use your diet as a means to nourish your body through a tough training cycle. Educate yourself on the best foods for hard training, racing and recovery and you will see benefits in every aspect of your running.

Workout Recovery

The new mantra for runners is train hard and recover harder! Runners everywhere are bragging about rest days and taking days off seriously. Why? Because it works! Test it out and see for yourself why giving your mind and body at least one day of complete rest per week can make a huge difference in your overall training.

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