Tips For Staying Warm On A Chilly Race Morning

Coach Hillary Kigar has tips for runners on how to stay warm after checking their gear bags on race mornings.

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training–especially for runners who are preparing to tackle a new race.

How do I stay warm before a race starts after I’ve checked my gear bag?

Throw-away sweats are the secret! Before your next race, stop by your local thrift store and pick up a cheap pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. After you check your gear bag, keep the $2 sweats on right up until the gun goes off. Alternatively, if you have old sweats at home that you have been meaning to donate, bring those for race day. Don’t worry about littering near the start line, as most races have a great clean-up crew and know that runners need to ditch their last-minute items. Consider using a garbage bag with holes cut in it over the top if it is a wet day so that your cotton sweats don’t get soaked and keep you cold rather than warm. If it is especially cold, bring some cheap gloves as well as hand warmers to hold while you are waiting for the start of the race. The idea is to stay comfortable and relaxed as long as you can. Racing is stressful enough without being freezing cold!


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