3 Speed Workouts To Try For A Fast 5K

If you're coming off a spring racing season and have a strong base, these workouts are for you.


If you’re coming off a spring half marathon or marathon and you want to translate the strong base you’ve developed during your training into some fast summer races, then these workouts are for you. To get your body up to speed you’ll want to incorporate some interval training.

These workouts are build for speed, with short intervals and longer rest that allow you to develop quicker foot turn-over and find new a new gear in your running. Start each workout with a mile warm up and finish with a mile cool down.


12 x 300m. Break this workout into two sets of six with five minutes rest between the two sets. Run each 300m at slightly faster than 5K pace or about 8 on an effort scale of 1-10. Rest for 90 seconds by walking around. On the fifth interval of each set try to go all-out with your effort. Then come back and run the sixth as hard as you can on tired legs.

Find a new gear.

400m, 8 x 200m. This workout will help you find a new gear. Run 400m at 95 percent effort, as close to all out as you can. Take that 400m time and divide it by 2, that will be your goal time for each 200m. Rest five minutes after your 400m, then run two sets of 4 x 200, with 90 seconds of standing rest between each 200m. Take five minutes of rest between each 200m.

Hone your pace.

8 x 600m. This workout is meant to hone your 5K pacing. Do this a week out from your goal 5K. Break this workout into two sets of four and take five minutes rest between each set. Run each 600m at 5K goal pace and then rest for 1:45 seconds after each interval.