The Top 3 Self-Sabotaging Habits Of Runners

These are the three common habits that can sabotage your training–and your running life in general.

Self-Sabotaging Habits

When it comes to nailing a better training run or a speedier race, bolstering your self-belief can make all the difference. There’s no denying the power of the mind when it comes to training, and there are several ways that we unknowingly sabotage our runs. The good news: there are ways to address these self-sabotaging pitfalls and change our habits for the better!

Negative Self-Talk

If you become your own worst enemy—“I’m too slow” or “I can’t possibly finish this race”—you have almost no chance of giving your best effort and achieving your goals.

Comparing Yourself To Others

While trying to improve is laudable, obsessing over your running partner’s performance is toxic. Run your own race, and keep in mind it’s the experience that’s important—not the result.

Aiming For Perfection

Like anything else in life, there is no perfect race or run. Having too-high expectations places enormous pressure on yourself. Again, sit back and enjoy the sheer joy of moving your body.


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