Go for a Fun Run

39184035_2Bored with your regular run around the same ol’ neighborhood loop? Me too. So recently a friend and I met up after work and went on a “fun run” through a local park, mixing a variety of exercises into the workout while making a game out of it. (It never hurts to act like a kid again!) Want to try it? Here’s the plan:

Run with a buddy for 5- to 10-minutes to warm-up. Select one person to “go first,” who chooses an exercise to insert into the run. For example, after our warm-up, I decided we’d do 10 frog leaps down a grassy field (yes, we got some funny looks). Then we began running again. When my partner felt like it (and had an exercise idea), she yelled “stop” and had us do 10 push-ups. We repeated the pattern until we’d completed 45 minutes of running, and rotated through high school gym standards (squats, jumping jacks), stretches, yoga poses and Pilates moves.

The result: a fun (and exhausting) workout that helped break up mid-week boredom. Got any other ideas to mix things up?