How A 1-Mile Treadmill Workout Can Improve Your Running

Our new blogger Confessions of a Mother Runner explains how she uses a 1-mile treadmill workout to improve her running.

Meet our new blogger, Deborah Brooks of Confessions of a Mother Runner!

Yup,  you read that right! A 1-mile treadmill run can improve your running without the wear and tear of the road. I typically run outside three days each week and do strength training or cross training on the alternate days. For the past few months, I’ve been religiously running one mile on my treadmill on my non-running days. That 1-mile run has become an integral part of my overall training plan–but the reasons why might surprise you.

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Here’s how to use a 1-mile treadmill workout to improve your running:


A 1-mile run the day after your long run is a great way to wake up your legs while ensuring that you don’t hinder your recovery. Remember: this is an easy, slow-paced run during which you should feel invigorated.

Work On Your Form

Pick a treadmill near a mirror or tape yourself running to identify where you might need to tweak your form.

Change Your Pace

Take an opportunity to test out some faster speeds in short bursts or practice a faster finish.

Ups And Downs

Got a hilly race coming up? Practice varying your terrain to mimic that of part of your anticipated race course. After all, hills are speedwork in disguise!

Warm It Up

Doing a 1-mile warmup mile before your strength training or cross training gets your heart rate up and calorie burn into high gear.

The dreaded treadmill now has lots of new possibilities. Happy running, friends!


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