Making Time For Running Around Schedule Changes

Coach Hillary Kigar offers her best tips on how runners can find time for running despite shifting schedules.

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training and scheduling.

How can I keep running on track when my schedule changes?

It’s no secret that the body likes routine. In a perfect world this would mean that you get to run or exercise at the same time every day. But with kids and more schedules than your own to worry about, this often is not the case. Many people find it helpful to wake up early and sneak in a morning workout before anyone else is awake. If possible, this can be the best option as you get the run out of the way and don’t have to worry about the day slipping away, especially if you are on vacation. Often we get by with a little help from our friends—don’t be afraid to ask your neighbor if the kids can come over while you go for a quick run, or if your kids are old enough, have them ride their bike along with you while you run. You might have to get creative, but if you are committed to sticking to your training, you won’t let even a beach vacation stop your momentum. Often running while on a trip can be the best way to see a few miles of a new place. Just be sure to bring your phone with you so you don’t lose your sense of direction!


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