All You Need Is 8 Weeks To Prep For Your First 10K

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A Perfect 10

If, as a coach, I could have only one piece of information to use in assessing a runner’s fitness or abilityit would be a recent 10K race time. More than any other competitive distance, the 10K balances the qualities of speed and endurance that every runner needs to succeed at any distance. For the same reason, the 10K is a great starting point for a quest to become a more balanced runner.

No matter what your current 10K PR is, be sure to listen to your body throughout the training process and either scale back a workout or take a day off whenever you feel extra tired or sore.

Your First 10K

Choose this plan if: You are currently running little or not at all but are able to walk briskly and comfortably for at least 30 minutes.

Click here to download the first 10K training plan.