5 Things To Expect During Your First Obstacle Race

So you signed up and have started training for your first obstacle race? Here is everything you need to know as race day approaches.

Hans Christiansson /

If you’ve signed up for an obstacle race or are considering one, chances are that your friends have already prepped you for what’s to come. In case they haven’t, here are my words of wisdom for what to expect for your first obstacle race.

Your clothes will be ruined.

Don’t take the time to plan a fashionable race outfit. Within seconds of the start, they will most likely be muddy, torn and unrecognizable. It’s more important to wear something that can take a beating. I like to wear something form-fitting, so it doesn’t get in my way.

You will get dirty—very dirty.

If the thought of merely a fleck of dirt under your nail makes you squeamish, don’t sign up. It once took me a week to get all the mud out of my left ear, and it only made me smile with each discarded Q-tip.

You may turn into a complete warrior.

Truth—I felt like Xena Warrior Princess during my first race, and it has only escalated.

You may leave with some sexy battle wounds.

Expect scabbed knees, rope-burned hands and enough scratches to look like a wild cat attacked you.

An addiction may form.

Don’t blame me if you’re starting to make a race fund to support this amazing habit!

So what do you think? Ready to sign up?