13.1 Mantras To Get You Through Your Next Half Marathon

It is perfectly normal to need an added dose of motivation during a half marathon.


It is not uncommon to need an added dose of motivation the last few miles of a half marathon. Starting early with your race mantras can keep you level-headed and strong through each and every mile. Here’s 13.1 mantras to write on your arm during your next half marathon, to carry your mind through the whole race.

1. Own this mile.

2. I’m the only one who can make this happen.

3. I am strong. I am fast. I am confident.

4. Embrace the Hill.

5. The doubt is not welcome today.

6. Run Far. Run Strong.

7. This is my time to shine.

8. What if I give it my all?

9. I believe I can. So I will.

10. This is my race.

11. Run with heart.

12. Everything I need is within me.

13. My body is strong. My mind is stronger.

13.1. I will fly.

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