10 Reasons Your Next Race Should Be A 10K

If you are getting your fall race schedule lined up, one runner thinks you should start the season with a 10K.


When signing up for a race, how many times have you considered a 10K? The 5K is often a runners first race and then it can be easy to decide to jump right to the half marathon—or marathon if you are super ambitious—but what about that 6.2-mile race?

Here are 10 reasons you should be sure to sign up for a 10K as your next race.

1. It’s a great stepping stone to a half marathon.

2. You recover quickly and can race again shortly after.

3. It’s not as intense as a 5K or as long as a half.

4. You can be ready for a 10K in a few weeks.

5. If a 5K isn’t enough but a half is too much, it’s the race for you!

6. Somehow it goes by quicker than running 6 miles on your own.

7. You can race in the morning and enjoy the rest of your day.

8. There’s probably one really close by. No travel necessary.

9. It’s equal parts endurance and speed.

10. Crossing the finish line of any race—no matter the distance—is always satisfying.

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