10 Easy Dynamic Stretches To Do Before You Run

Avoid injury by warming up before every run. Follow along with the video and learn 10 easy stretches to add to your routine.

I distinctly remember when I used to put on my running shoes, walk out the door and start running. Yeah, that’s totally old-school—and a perfect to get yourself injured.

I’d like to share with you ten easy dynamic stretches (courtesy of my coach and physical therapist) that I do EVERY day before I go for a run. Yep, every day, even if it means I have to cut a run short. Depending on my schedule, I will run for a half-mile, stop and perform these exercises. Alternatively, I will perform these exercises and then start my run.

If you are short on time you don’t have to do as many reps, but at least do half to get your body warmed up and ready to run. I also do a core and strength routine, but that is for another article.

Follow along with the video above to learn how to do these moves.

  1. High Knees (10-12 each leg)
  2. B-skips (2 x 20-25 meters)
  3. Leg Kicks (10-15 each leg)
  4. Open the Gate (10-15 each leg)
  5. Close the Gate (10-15 each leg)
  6. Karaoke (2x 20-25 meters)
  7. Walking Butt Kicks (10-12 each leg)
  8. Forward Leg Swings (10-12 each leg)
  9. Fast feet (2 x 10-15 meters)—NOTE: Not featured in the video
  10. Side leg swings (10-12 each leg)—NOTE: Not featured in the video

Do these stretches and get your body loose and ready to run!