Road ID

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Everywhere I turn these days, I see a new adornment popping up on the wrists of my athlete friends.
It’s Road ID, and it’s a brilliant safety device for anyone who adventures
beyond their own front door.


Road ID is quite simple, really – an attractive wrist bracelet, in a variety of styles and colors,
containing an engraved metal dog-tag style identifier. Created by a runner whose
close call with a monster truck inspired him to turn fear into action, Road ID
can provide vital information to first responders and medical personnel, should
the need arise. I can’t tell you the number of times – certainly more often
than not – that I’ve ventured out for a run or ride with absolutely no
identification on my person. If I were to be involved in an accident, how would
anyone know my name, my medical history or who to contact on my behalf? We
rarely think that unfortunate circumstances will befall us – until it’s too
late. And as the Road ID website purports, “It’s far better to have Road ID and
not need it than to need Road ID and not have it.”


Having read that wise tidbit, I will be placing an order for my own Road ID bracelet as soon as I
finish this post!