Relax and Recover With This Running Workout

Release all your stress with this calming run.


One of the most overlooked components of successful training is the ability to listen to one’s body. Tuning into yourself will enable you to make the right decision about whether to take a day off for rest or continue training, or which shoe to choose at your local running specialty shop. The relaxation run is a tool to cultivate body awareness. Leave the headphones at home. This is essentially a moving meditation.

Relaxation Run
Challenge Level: Low

  1. Select a pace that allows you to run in a very relaxed state. It doesn’t matter how slow this is—in fact, don’t even pay attention to speed. Concentrate only on finding a pace that feels extremely comfortable.
  2. Continue for at least 20 minutes and up to an hour.
  3. As you run, try to empty your mind of all thoughts.
  4. Keep your attention on your body. Start by isolating your breath, then pay attention to how your feet are landing, and then move to other parts of your running experience. Wherever you find tension, release it.

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