Ask A Coach: How To Ease Back Into Training After An Injury

Ween off your recovery routine and get back to running with this expert advice.

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training. Many runners deal with an injury at some point in their athletic careers. Kigar has advice to help you know when your body is ready to jump back into training.

What’s the best way to wean off of an injury recovery routine? I’m worried about getting re-injured!

I know how eager you are to spend more time out on the trails and road now that you are pain-free! However, don’t completely stop your injury recovery routine as soon as you get that clean bill of health. Continuing to do rehabilitation and strength exercises two to three times per week will help you stay strong and avoid re-injury, as most reoccurring injuries are a result of muscular weakness and imbalances.

Pay careful attention and ease back into consecutive days of running over the course of no less than four weeks. Alternate run days with cross-training days until you are back to running as many days per week as you did pre-injury. Remember to stretch, foam roll and ice to help your muscles recover as they get back into the running routine. Don’t forget to be patient with the training process. Fitness is a result of quality and consistency over time!


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